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Types of Shilajit - Know more about types of Shilajit in the Market

 Types of Shilajit 

The types of Shilajit is characterized from the type of mountainous rocks from which it exudes:

  • Rocks containing Gold (Charka Samhita Shilajit):

Shilajit oozing out of these rocks have a Japa (i.e. Hibiscus flower) or reddish colour and has Madhura and Tikta Rasa and Katu Vipaka.

  • Rocks containing Silver (Rajat Shilajit):

Shilajit coming out of these rocks are whitish in colour and have a Katu Rasa and Madhura Vipaka.

  • Rocks containing Copper (Tamra Shilajit):

The exudation from these types of rocks has a peacock-throat like appearance, i.e. bluish-purple colour and shows Tikta Rasa and Katu Vipaka.

  • Rocks containing Iron (Lauha Shilajit):

Considered as the best variety, the exudation looks quite similar to the gum of Guggulu (i.e. Commiphora mukul) and portrays Tikta and Lavana Rasa and Katu Vipaka.

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