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Whey protein benefits || Benefits whey protein powder

Whey protein benefits

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Whey protein has several health benefits. We discuss a handful of these below.

It helps boost protein and BCAA intake by our body – Proteins are made up of amino acids. While a portion of our amino acid requirement is produced by the body itself, the rest has to be gathered from the food we eat. The amino acids that our body derives from external food sources are called essential amino acids. Whey protein consists of nine essential amino acids. On top of that, they are rich in crucial branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as leucine. Leucine is a growth-promoting amino acid. It also contains cysteine which encourages glutathione levels, which is a cellular antioxidant. Whey protein is most effective for inducing growth in our bodies. Human breast milk, fed to newborns, is 60% whey as compared to cow’s milk, which contains only 20% whey.

1. Increases your strength and muscle mass

Whey protein increases muscle mass and strength by releasing anabolic hormones such as insulin, which is responsible for our muscle growth. The substance’s leucine content stimulates muscle protein synthesis in our body. It’s protein and amino acids spur on muscle growth. Whey protein, unlike other protein sources, generates muscle growth faster.

2. Protects against eczema and allergic conditions in kids

Whey protein is beneficial, not just for adults. Infants, who are made to consume this protein mixture by mouth in the 3-12 month time period from their birth show lower risks of developing red, itchy skin and allergic reactions easily. However, once the child has grown up beyond that age, consuming whey protein will have no effect on their resistance to these conditions.

3. Helps you feel fuller, eat lesser

Whey protein has an incredible effect on satiety. Protein ranks highest among every macronutrient when it comes to satiety. It increases energy expenditure, balancing the number of calories you consume. Studies have found that, if you eat 1/4th of your daily requirement in proteins, you slash down your hunger cravings by 60%. If you combine whey protein intake with weight lifting, you can lose about 8 pounds of your weight, increasing lean muscle mass at the same time. In addition to boosting your metabolism, it also shrinks your appetite and preserves lean muscle.

4. Aids in recovery from exercise

Consuming whey protein powder has been proven to improve your athletic abilities. It increases your running speed and helps you recover better from your workouts.

5. Lowers cholesterol

Whey protein can help lower your total and LDL cholesterol more effectively than casein protein.

6. Helps regulate blood pressure

Whey protein powder, when consumed by individuals with hypertension, have proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure. In the same manner, it also stands as a deterrent against the development of potentially fatal heart risks.

7. Other health benefits

Whey protein has other health benefits to boot as well. It contains anti-cancer properties, steps up immune function and may also protect against the symptoms of psoriasis.

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