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Types of whey protein - Science & Whey Protein Process

 Types of whey protein

he difference in the forms of whey protein basically stems from their manner of processing. They also determine their nutrition facts.

1. Hydrolysate

Hydrolysate or hydrolyzed whey is whey that has been pre-digested. It gets absorbed faster than the other forms. Hydrolyzed whey is responsible for a 28-43% more spike in insulin level than whey in the isolate form.

2. Whey Isolate

Isolate whey protein contains 90% protein and sometimes, even higher. It contains less fat and lactose as well as lesser beneficial nutrients than is found in whey protein concentrate.

3. Whey Concentrate

Whey protein in concentrate form contains around 70-80% protein. It also contains lactose and fat. Overall, it is the most delicious of all the whey protein variants.

If you do intend to start consuming whey protein, choose a concentrate as, not only is it cheaper – it also retains the most amount of naturally occurring nutrients in whey. However, if you are strict about the carbs and fats you consume, the isolate or hydrolysate form may be a better option for you. Most of the research done on it has been carried out in isolate form. The hydrolysate form offers the best digestibility, making it the whey protein source for the medically ill and infantile. They also have the least allergenic potential, making it safe for use.

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