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About Us - Pat Fitness

Welcome to the Official website of PAT Fitness 

PAT Fitness is a health & fitness platform with information about diet plans, fitness, workout plans, workout charts, health articles, fitness articles, health recipes & More

PAT Fitness started in 2021 after realizing this holistic knowledge was missing from other popular websites. We are aiming to become the one-stop destination for all your fitness needs!

PAT Fitness is a leading health and fitness online blog/network ranged no 4 in Google on July 2021, with entries covering diet and fitness, exercise and workouts and food and nutrition. It also provides insightful content to teach everyone the skills they need to be healthy. Which can result in living happier, healthier lives.

The passion behind PAT Fitness is that it doesn't matter who you are or what your age, activity level or budget constraints may be, anyone has the opportunity to improve their overall physical fitness level .

PAT Fitness is a fitness and health blog that shares recipes, workout plans, motivation, diet plans, and more from workouts from beginners to experts.

In 2021 PAT Fitness was constructed with the intention of informing fitness fans in a time when inactivity in many parts of the world is rampant. We do this in a number of ways: by delivering professional bloggers in our own line-up, publishing health articles with weight loss tips, and independent work out charts for both beginners and experts.

I'll be the first to admit it's not always easy to stay active myself, but there's something about times like these that make me realize how important it is to my own well-being.

PAT Fitness is a site dedicated to fitness and diet plans, we focus on health and workouts
We talk about general health topics and provide content for people who wish to lead healthier lifestyles. We also touch on topics such as dieting routines, fitness tips, workout plans and many more
The purpose of the site is to educate those who want to challenge themselves and find new ways to unleash their greatness

PAT is a name that doesn't just provide the knowledge, PAT Fitness together is about building relationships with those people who need help to give them what they need to better themselves and their lives.

PAT is about community and nurturing the spirit of those people who want to change for themselves and others.

We support members on their journey, we don't just write it out for them.

How to connect with PAT Fitness Team - Suggestions/Feedbacks are always welcome. 

Escalation Level 1 - Google Contact Form Handled by Ram Kumar (Manager) -
Yet no Resolution? "Contact Founder of PAT Fitness on Instagram" (Critical Cases)- Click here -

General queries, submit from Google Contact Form (priority) or email

Note - Contacting via emails are not monitored effectively, hence use Google Form or Instagram  


Prathik is from  Bangalore and started a PAT Fitness in 2021-JAN.
Prathik completed B-com 2015 and also certified in Web Designing.
Prathik has 100K+ followers in Instagram 200K followers in Facebook & 100K Subscribers in YouTube
This is just a small description about our Founder.



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